About My Soap


I am a working mother of 2, who just stays busy all the time with work, kiddos, husband and hobbies. I have a lot of hobbies let’s just say! I am using this Riley Roo Soap Company hobby to teach my children about running a business. My daughter is the namesake of the company name if you haven’t guessed. She helps weigh the oils and fragrances, line the molds and turn the bars every few days.  The plan is to maybe do a few craft booths or fairs each year and teach the two munchkins about customer service, counting money, working in exchange for income and owning a business. They will also help fill any orders placed through interest generated by our little website here.


I am making almost all my soaps using what is termed the “cold process method”, which requires 4-6 weeks curing time on racks. I have opted for 6 weeks, just because I do things all the way and not half-ass.  Each bar weighs between 3.2 and 4.1 ounces.


My soaps are really nice so far, I have to admit. :-) But then again – I’m using some really nice ingredients! (Shea Butter, Palm, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avacado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil).  All coloration of my soap is done using natural colorants like paprika, cocoa powder, alkanet root, annato seeds, oatmeal, etc.  Same with the exfoliants – so far I have used dried spices, seeds or rind from lemon or orange. I even have a bar with some ground steel cut oats as the exfoliant.  For scents, I am using either natural ingredients infused into oils (rosemary or spearmint), or essential oils and in some cases fragrance oils that have been tested and certified for use in soap.


I still consider myself in the R&D phase of this, so any comments or suggestions AFTER trying a bar are totally, completely, 100% encouraged and will be listened to with a very attentive ear.


I am having a lot of fun doing this. It did not start out as a way to make any money, just a hobby, and it still is just that, a hobby. But I have to replace some of my funds in order to buy more supplies, so why not help a girl out and get clean in the process?

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